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Will I receive the same product that I see in the picture?

Normally, the product you receive should match the image you see on the website. The purpose of the pictures is to provide you with a visual representation of the product, so that you can understand the appearance and design of the product before purchasing. However, in some cases, the actual product may differ slightly from the image due to differences in photography techniques, lighting conditions, or monitor settings. To ensure your satisfaction with the purchased product, please carefully read the product description and specifications, and contact customer service if you have any questions.

Where can I view my sales receipt?

Your purchase receipt can be viewed in several places, depending on how you completed the purchase:

1. * * Email * *: Most online merchants will automatically send purchase receipts to your email after the transaction is completed. Check your email, including your spam folder, to see if there are any emails from merchants.

2. * * Account Page * *: If you created an account when making a purchase or used an existing account, you can log in to that account and view order history or download receipts.

3. * * Order Confirmation Page * *: During online shopping, there is usually an order confirmation page where you can sometimes see receipt information or provide options to print or save receipts.

4. * * Payment Platform * *: If you make payment through a third-party payment platform, such as PayPa, the receipt may be saved in the transaction history of that platform.

5. * * Customer Service * *: If you cannot find the receipt, you can contact the merchant's customer service to request a copy. You may need to provide your order number or some personal information to verify your identity.

Ensure that all relevant transaction information, such as order numbers and payment vouchers, is retained when searching for receipts, so that the required records can be quickly found. If you encounter difficulties during the search process, contacting the merchant's customer service team in a timely manner can usually provide the necessary assistance.

How can I return an item?

Contact customer service: If you have decided to return the item, please contact customer service. They may provide a return authorization number (RMA) and specific return guidelines. You can also initiate the return process directly through our website.
1. Prepare the product: Follow the instructions to ensure that the product is in a suitable state for return. Usually, this means that the product must be unused, have all original labels and packaging, and any accompanying instructions or accessories must be complete.
Fill out the return form/label: If we provide a return label or form, please fill it out as required. This may include printing a pre paid shipping label that will be affixed to the return package.
Send return package: Put the product, along with all attachments and filled out forms, into the packaging and follow the instructions to send it back to the designated address. Keep the shipping receipt and tracking number for future reference.
Waiting for refund or confirmation: Once we receive your return package, we will check if the product meets the return conditions. If everything meets the requirements, the merchant will process your refund or replacement request.
Check refund: Refunds are usually issued using your initial payment method. The time for refunds to be received may vary depending on the payment method. If the refund is not received within the expected time, you should contact the merchant or your bank for more information.
Remember, consumer protection regulations in different countries and regions may affect your return rights. In some cases, if the product has defects or does not meet the description, you may have the right to request a refund or replacement, even if it exceeds the return period specified by the merchant. Always keep records of communication with merchants and maintain politeness and patience during the return process to ensure smooth completion of the return process.

Will you restock items indicated as “out of stock?”

Yes, we will mark during the out of stock period. And quickly complete the quantity of products to ensure your purchasing experience

Where can I ship my order?

You can view your shipping orders in the following ways:
1. * * Online Account * *: If you have created an online account or used an existing account when placing an order, you can usually view your order and shipping details in the "My Account" or "Order History" section of the website.
2. * * Order Confirmation Email * *: After you place your order, we usually send order confirmation information via email. This email usually includes order details and tracking information, and sometimes there is a link where you can click to further check the order status.
3. * * Our Order Tracking System * *: The website provides an order tracking tool where you can enter the order number to obtain the latest shipping status.
4. * * Contact Customer Service * *: If you are unable to find relevant information or encounter difficulties, you can directly contact the merchant's customer service department. Provide your order number and other relevant information, they will be able to assist you in checking the shipping status of your order.
5. * * Third party shipping company website * *: If your goods are shipped by a third-party logistics company, you may need to visit the company's website and use the provided tracking number to check the latest updates on the package.

Make sure to save your order number and any tracking number, as this information is crucial for viewing your shipping orders. If you encounter any problems during the search process, the most direct way is to contact the merchant's customer service team for assistance.