The Most-Requested Hotel Fragrances – From Lab To Lobby

In the realm of hospitality, captivating hotel fragrances are the unsung heroes that leave indelible marks on guests. In the following, we unveil the secrets behind the most popular hotel fragrances to date, each of which were carefully crafted to create unforgettable ambient experiences and impressions for guests the world over. Join us on a fragrant journey as we explore the scents that enchant hotel guests, and discover how our expertise helps hospitality brands of all types curate signature scents that redefine the hotel experience.

Whether you’re a hotelier or a scent marketing company that services one, selecting the right signature hotel fragrances for any hotel environment is no easy task because there is much more involved than that which meets the unpracticed eye.

The goal is to capture a home away from home atmosphere based on how hoteliers want their guests to feel during their sojourn.

This requires much thought and energy devoted to fulfilling the preferences of their many guests because its selection lies at the core of customer satisfaction.

An effective signature fragrance can forge strong bonds with guests, increase brand loyalty, revenue, repeat traffic and array of other benefits.

An effective hotel signature scent provides guests with an initial sense of orientation that is often referred to as the ‘warm welcome’ effect.

Fragrances are specifically chosen to elicit emotional triggers, and they have the power to create positive responses, which in turn lead to the desire to linger longer within a specific setting.

These fragrances complete a hotel experience and they are seamlessly diffused via costly scent systems throughout diverse sections of a hotel such as: lobbies; restaurants, meeting rooms, hallways, gyms or spa areas, to name a few.

Why Are Hotel Scents Important?

Initially, it may not seem logical for a brand to focus on a fragrance because it is an intangible commodity. If a signature scent is done correctly, its essence will be elusive and guests may only barely discern that it is there.

The reason fragrance is integral to the successful representation of a particular brand lies in the manner in which smells are processed within the human brain. Scientists have determined that humans can detect more that one trillion odors.

According to a Discover Magazine article: “Information feeds from the nose to cortical areas to arouse attention and memories without any awareness. When it comes to smells, people can be influenced and not realize it.”

A Few Relevant Studies And Statistics

An report entitled: 2019 Business Impact of Scenting focused on determining the impact of scent marketing on brand recognition and repeat customer traffic.

Results indicated that there is a 38% difference in the degree of emotional involvement between scented and unscented experiences.

The study also revealed that 91% of hotel guests said that a pleasant hotel smell had a positive impact, and that 67% of participants believed that an appealing fragrance would encourage them to feel more patient and relaxed.

According to our master perfumers, ”Every time a person steps inside of hotel environment, it’s an opportunity. Our research shows that strategic fragrances can affect mood, enhance brand impressions, secure loyalty and encourage repeat business, among a number of other benefits. Think of scent as part of the room’s design. When you pick decor, you’re setting a mood and emotion. Fragrance can make that mood stronger and make the room feel even better. And when those fragrances grow in popularity, it opens up an endless array of ancillary opportunities in the form of diffuser oils, reed diffusers, room sprays, soaps and other scented products.”

How Are Hotel Fragrances Selected?

Master perfumers will often advise hoteliers to develop a signature fragrance that is designed specifically for large buildings.

Additionally, in order to offer a wide range of appeal, scents should be lighter, less diluted and natural.

Individual guest room scents should never be too potent, and are best diffused via HVAC or stand alone units Hotels can create sprays for rooms or toiletries infused with their signature scent, which in tandem serve to cement a lasting association with the hotel brand.

As a rule, heavy floral, sweet, fruity elements and overly masculine or feminine fragrances are avoided in the selection of hotel scents.

Mass appeal is most often achieved with elusive, vaguely distinct ingredients that seem to linger on the verge of recall.

Some ideal selections include: creamy sandalwood; lush, noble vanilla; dry, balsamic cedar; light, floral and sparkling lemon blossom, energizing citrus; light, floral neroli; soft, pungent leather and exotic, soft and clean white tea.

Less common, but warm, inviting additions such as: delightful lemon verbena; intense and intoxicating jasmine; milky, exotic coconut; dark, potent patchouli and smooth, fragrant and restful lavender also work well. 

The Most Popular Hotel Fragrances

A popular ambient hotel fragrance is a delicate balance of sensory delight and subtlety.

  • It should evoke a sense of comfort, freshness, or sophistication without overwhelming guests.
  • It should be inviting and universally appealing, steering clear of polarizing scents. Secondly, longevity matters; it should linger in the air without becoming cloying.
  • It must harmonize with the hotel’s theme or locale, amplifying the overall guest experience. Simplicity is key, avoiding overly complex or layered fragrances. 
  • It should possess a memorable quality, creating an association with the hotel that lingers long after check-out, fostering brand loyalty, and ensuring repeat visits.

The following list represents a collection of some of the most popular hotel fragrances, which we are often asked to supply various versions of for a wide range of clients.

The Aria Resort And Casino – Asian Garden Type

Amid the glitz and dazzle of Las Vegas, this popular luxury resort features a signature scent known as Asian Garden.

This splendid floriental blend is characterized by opening elements of green leaves, intoxicating jasmine and delicate, feminine and green lily-of-the-valley.

These aspects soon drift into a floral heart bouquet of smooth, creamy gardenia, potent, exciting tuberose, and lush, noble vanilla.

The scent completes with a dry down market by elements of soft woods, dark, honeyed amber and aromatic, earthy white musk.

The One Hotel – My Way Type

Reminiscent of that old Frank Sinatra song title, this popular hotel fragrance makes a potent masculine statement.

Head notes feature intoxicating, night blooming jasmine-tinged Tuscan leather, clean, fresh lemon and spicy, woody cardamom.

A spicy/woody heart soon follows marked by facets of creamy sandalwood, dry cedar wood and warm inviting cinnamon.

The scent completes with a dry down comprised of green, musty vetiver, dark, honeyed amber, sensual musk and raspberry-nuanced iris.

The Bellagio Hotel – Blue Ice Type

The head notes of this glorious fragrance stream with facets of uplifting grapefruit, crisp green apple , fresh, crisp cucumber, dewy, sugary melon and Mediterranean-inspired ozone.

A floral heart bouquet soon takes hold marked by facets of intensely fragrant Damascena Rose and fragrant, fragile and feminine lily-of-the-valley.

The scent completes with a dry down of musky, spicy, powdery and light blonde woods and erotic musk. 

Caesars Palace – The Empire Type

Situated on the west side of the Las Vegas Strip, this hotel is one of the city’s largest and well known landmarks.

This seductive scent opens with citrus streams of fresh, clean lemon and succulent, honeyed mandarin orange.

These facets soon drift into aspects off musty, green and transparent cyclamen, intense and intoxicating jasmine, passionate red rose and fragile, feminine lily-of-the-valley.

A dry down of earthy musk, dry-balsamic cedar wood and dark, honeyed amber completes this sexy and compelling blend.

The Edition Hotel – Black Tea and Fig Type

The head notes of this luxurious fragrance stream with herbal, fruity (fig) and citrusy elements that soon drift into a fragrant heart bouquet featuring facets of deeply aromatic black tea leaves, earthy star anise metallic, green violet leaf, cool, minty eucalyptus, dreamy, passionate red red rose, sweet, dazzling peony, sensual sage and spicy, potent thyme.

The scent completes with a dry down marked by warm, spicy and sugary ginger root, honeyed amber and aromatic, sensual white musk.

Marriott Type – November Rain Type

Opening notes stream with citrus facets of uplifting grapefruit and succulent orange.

These elements soon drift into a heart of bright red currant, tinges of intoxicating jasmine and dry, balsamic cedar wood.

A dry down of earthy, passionate musk completes this memorable fragrance.

The Shangri-La Hotel – Nirvana Type

Released in November of 2021, this glorious fragrance opens with head notes of warm, spicy pepper and nutty, slightly sweet nutmeg.

These aspects soon fade into a brilliant heart featuring honeyed freesia, intense jasmine, powdery violet, dreamy, musky red rose and light, smooth green tea.

A dry down of juicy, grape-like lychee and rich, floral and sugary Ylang Ylang completes this exotic scent.

The Vdar Hotel – Green Fig Type

Head notes of this vibrant fragrance flow with aspects of potent, spicy and woody leafy green, honeyed green fig, warm, sweet cassis, spicy, floral and clean bergamot, dense pear, herbal, peppery basil, spicy, slightly sugary cardamom, sharp lime, cool, minty pine and luscious mandarin.

These facets soon drift seamlessly into a subtle floral/spicy heart of intense, rich jasmine, musty, green cyclamen, delicate, feminine lily-of-the-valley, fiery clove and woody violet.

A smooth dry down of clean, warm cedar wood, exotic, milky coconut, potent, earthy oak moss and creamy sandalwood completes this alluring fragrance. 

The Venetian Hotel – Arancia Type

This pleasing amber and floral scent appeals to both men and women and was launched in 2018. Head notes stream with warm, honeyed amber and soft, intimate saffron.

These facets soon fold seamlessly into a bright heart of dry, balsamic cedar and floral, slightly gourmand and earthy vanilla orchid.

A woodsy/ lavender dry down completes this potent, lingering fragrance. 

The Westin Hotel – White Tea Type

One of the very first La Vegas hotels to adopt a signature scent, the head notes of this bright fragrance burst with citrusy elements, which soon fold into a floral heart bouquet featuring facets of dreamy, musky red rose, sweet, rich jasmine petal and exotic, smooth and clean white tea bud.

Cedar aspects and erotic, aromatic white musk form the dry down that completes this intriguing scent. 

The Delano Beach Club – California Love Type

 This floral, fruity and fragrant scent streams with opening notes of succulent orange, sharp, revitalizing lemon zest and light, smooth green tea.

These aspects fold into an aromatic heart of intense, crisp lemongrass and intoxicating jasmine.

A balanced dry down of bright lily, dark, honeyed amber and erotic musk completes this splendid fragrance.

In Conclusion

If you are a hotelier or scent marketing company seeking to stand out against a sea of competitors, or you’d like to integrate any one of the above mentioned fragrances or create a new signature hotel-type fragrance into your product or product line, consider a new “coat of paint” so to speak, with the addition of a new and uniquely-tailored signature scent.

Contact our teams today and see what they can do to amplify your brand and your business.

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