The Top 12 Natural Blended Fragrances On The Horizon

Perfume, and its masterful creation, is almost as old as time.  In the ancient world, there were only natural fragrances laboriously extracted from essential oils and tinctures of spices and flowers.

Ancient Egypt scented their tombs and their bodies; the Romans their baths, and in 2003 archaeologists discovered the oldest perfume factory known to man on the island of Cyprus where tiny, translucent alabaster bottles still retained perfumes scented with extracts of lavender, bay, rosemary, pine and coriander.

Today, natural fragrances are one of many options available to lovers of perfume due to mass production techniques and advances in science and technology, but some blends represent an era of emerging trends more than others.

We recently covered the top emerging spring and summer fragrances, and now our chief perfumers and chemists have focused on the natural.

If you’re a perfumery brand owner or manager, product development scientist, purchasing manager, brand coordinator, cosmetic scientist, senior chemist, skincare formulation development chemist or any other decision maker within the product fragrance-enhancement industry, read on as our chief perfumers provide the top 12 blended natural aromas on the horizon, or contact Alpha Aromatics today.

Natural Versus Synthetic Blended Fragrances

Natural fragrances continue to be very popular among scent aficionados. Synthetic blended perfumes can be stronger, longer lasting and less expensive because they are of a different chemical structure.

There are also many more synthesized aroma chemicals available, which grant the perfumer a vast palette of creative options.

Natural fragrances, on the other hand, are complex compositions made from ingredients harvested from the aromatic raw materials found in plants, such as essential oils, resins, extracts and volatile concentrates with limited options available.

Sometimes known as “Mall” perfumes, synthetic and natural ingredients are blended and are mass-produced. When these perfumes list specific notes of lavender or patchouli, for example, they may contain very little if any of the true natural ingredients.

They do have the advantage, however, of having the capacity to become new scents that never before existed and in many cases are less costly to produce. Major costs are absorbed mostly on licensing, advertising, packaging and distribution.

To some, natural fragrances are better suited for daily wear. They are subtler than their synthetic blended counterparts, and are generally not known to linger in a room long after the user has left. Their sillage (scent trail) tends to fade quickly on the skin, discernable to the nose-to-the-wrist wearer.

For many natural perfumes, the ingredient list is simple: a combination of natural extracts for scent, alcohol or plant oil, water, possibly a natural antioxidant to maintain shelf life, and sometimes glycerin.

Natural perfumes are becoming more and more popular, and they are produced using meticulous methods on a much smaller scale than mainstream or “Mall” fragrances.

The price of natural ingredients is much higher and can be anywhere from double to twenty times the cost. The price of rose oil, for example, is currently set at just under $500 for 1 ounce and is expected to rise 25% this yearThe finished scent is complex, deep and uniquely individual; qualities that synthetic substances cannot come close to replicating.

The use of organic certified essential oils and natural extracts also supports organic farming, the ethical production of material and the promotion of no animal testing.

Discover the benefits of synthetic fragrances.

A Few Interesting Facts About Fragrances

  • A recent survey concluded that 97% of participants felt more confident when wearing a fragrance.
  • Fifty-four percent of survey respondents associated gourmand scents with happiness.
  • From an olfactory perspective, a particular blend of notes are neither masculine or feminine (gender-free). Whatever works on someone’s skin, works.
  • Humans have 5 or 6 million olfactory receptors, however dogs have 220 million.
  • The average person can distinguish millions and maybe even trillions of different scents with 65% accuracy even after a year’s time.
  • Seventy-nine percent of survey participants under the age of 40 indicated that they remain with one fragrance about four months.
  • A survey sponsored by a multinational firm revealed that 84% of people have memories that are triggered by scents.
  • It takes 8,000 pounds of rose petals to produce 2.2 pounds of rose absolute.
  • A natural fragrance is comprised of dozens of molecules. Lemon oil, for example, contains approximately 20 different molecules and rose oil has more than 100. Synthetic aromas can contain just one molecule, which can make its scent less complex.

Global Statistics About Natural Fragrances

According to Euro-monitor International, the global fragrance market was worth $48 billion in 2016. In the US, the market grew by 2.6% in 2017, totaling $7.9 billion. According to the annual Green Beauty Barometer survey conducted by the Harris Poll on behalf of beauty brand, Kari Gran, 33% of American women polled claimed that purchasing all-natural fragrances was of personal importance.

A survey conducted a year later in May of 2017 revealed a rise in that number to 52% of US participants who believed it was important to buy natural fragrances.

Relevant Studies And Research About Natural Scents

Natural scents are sometimes known as artisanal or niche fragrances and they are the fastest growing segment of the perfume category. These products are not associated with any fashion labels, designers or celebrities, and are made only with exotic and natural elements, produced in small quantities and distributed on a restricted scale through retail formats.

A Japanese company has focused their scent preference research on aspects other companies might overlook. Their line of study is directed at understanding the relationship between people and the scents they choose. The discovery of how consumers “feel” when they use certain scents and how satisfied they are with certain scents is captured and applied to all of their cosmetic products and scents.

The Top 12 Alpha Aromatics Natural Fragrances On The Horizon

Our scenting masters have developed thousands upon thousands of magnificent fragrances since their inception. Here are twelve of their most popular natural concoctions.

Cucumber Violet

This natural fragrance is a blend of crisp cucumber and fleeting, sweet violet. According to Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell and Taste Foundation, cucumber is erotically pleasing to women. Top notes of crisp cucumber, invigorating lemon and fresh air are followed by a floral heart of bitter, heavy and spicy pettigrain, green, herbal celery seed, sweet, exotic jasmine and cool, minty spearmint leaves. The scent finishes with a soothing black tea base note.

Lavender Blossom Honeysuckle

With a top note of bright, zesty citron, which is sometimes known as the grandfather of citrus, this herbaceous, floral scent enfolds with a middle note marked by wild and sweet honeysuckle, romantic rose and fresh and sugary lavender blossom.  A subtle woody base note completes the fragrance.

Pink Pepper Tangelo

This exotic fragrance opens with a top note marked by bright grapefruit, tropical and fruity pineapple, rich, slightly sour black berry and lightly floral tangelo. Creamy gardenia, sweet and musky rose and floral violet comprise the middle note of this scent that finishes with a base note of slightly floral, woody and sweet nectar and spicy, sharp pink peppercorn.

Yuzi Neroli

Oriental nuances pervade this luxurious, sultry scent hallmarked by the presence of yuzi, which is a Japanese citrus with half-lemon, half-lime overtones. It is part of the top note and adds a bitter, dry aspect to the remaining components, which consist of mild, nutty apricot kernel and sparkling grapefruit. The heart note is comprised of light, floral and bitter neroli and the scent finishes with a base note of warm and woody cedar.

Wild Honey Lotus

The top note of this sweet floral scent is tinged with juicy orange and tangy, red berry. A heart note of lemony, floral geranium, sweet honeysuckle, sugary rose and intoxicating and haunting blue lotus follows and blends into the base note, which is a captivating blend of warm honey nectar, rich and earthy sandalwood and spicy, woody clove.

Blood Orange Sage

This fragrance is marked by a green floral top note dominated by a burst of citrusy, honeyed tangerine, fruity, succulent mandarin, fuzzy, soft apricot and fruity, peppery cassis. The scent gives way to a middle note of creamy, milky gardenia, intensely fresh and green freesia and romantic and powdery pink peony petals. A base note of warm sandalwood and earthy dried sage draws this fragrance to a close.

Flowering Lotus and Watercress

This green floral scent opens with top note bursting with citrusy, invigorating lemon and clean, refreshing bergamot. The heart of the fragrance is a middle note comprised of haunting lotus blossom, exotic white tea bud and rich, peppery watercress. A base note of warm, slightly powdery, sandalwood and a tinge of herbal thyme finish the essence.

Neroli Citron

A floral citrus scent marked by top notes of dry, brisk bright citron, fresh, clean, invigorating bergamot, fruity mandarin, velvety apricot and spicy cassis. A middle note of garden herbs, lightly floral neroli and piquant, clove-like carnation follows and then surrenders to a base note of warm cedar and creamy, slightly powdery sandalwood.

Rosemary Vetiver Tangerine

This bright herbal scent opens with a top note of juicy and luscious blood orange, uplifting and fresh lemon, exotic and gingery, mango and honeyed tangerine. The following middle note is marked by pungent, fresh green eucalyptus, clean crisp lemongrass, slightly sharp, green and earthy vetiver and clean, strong, slightly medicinal rosemary. A leafy, woody base note completes the scent.

Mangosteen Clementine

Whispers of Southeast Asia and redolent, remote islands are part of the allure of this tropical, mouth-watering essence marked by nuances of caramel, grass and butter. A top note of citrus marked by sweet, juicy clementine, tart, tangy grapefruit, vanilla, gingery mango and invigorating lemon are followed by an aromatic middle note tinged with milky gardenia nuance and a base note of sweet nectar.

Island Blossom Guava

The allure of emerald lagoons, balmy breezes and leafy glades pervade this tropical floral citrus blend that opens with a top note of dry, aromatic citron, fresh, fruity casaba melon and clean, bright guava followed by a heart note of sweet, floral and grassy passion flower, exotic jasmine and somewhat sugary and fresh orange blossom. The scent finishes with a subtle, soothing sandalwood base note.

Rose Petal Lychee

Exotic in nature, this bright rosy-berry fragrance opens with top notes of fresh raspberries, uplifting and elegant grapefruit and delicately juicy and mild lychee. A middle note of earthy, herbal geranium, savory, aromatic and peppery sage, metallic and green violet leaf and sweet rose blend to finish this scent with a woody, twig-like and cooling spearmint leaf base note.

The Future of Alpha Aromatics and Natural Fragrances

Alpha Aromatics is dedicated to sustainability and utilizing exceptional ingredients that arouse consumers and future generations. For decades, we have maintained our leadership position within the perfume industry, constantly innovating and wherever possible implementing eco-friendly techniques.

Our perfume masters are a leading force within the industry and they create and produce fragrances for every industry under the sun, and our natural creations offer many scented applications, which include: perfumes, cosmetics, personal care and beauty care products. Our researchers boast years of solid perfume industry experience, and our ingredients are all pure and our fragrances are superior to others in the market place.

Our edge over competitors is largely due to our unique, in-house Technology Center, which boasts 80,000 square feet of space in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA, not to mention a team of experts equipped with most sophisticated equipment, including the latest in gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and head space analysis.

As a pioneer in fragrance creation and scent branding, our manufacturing process follows all IFRA standards, providing the consumers, perfumery brand owners or managers, product development scientists, purchasing managers, brand coordinators, cosmetic scientists, senior chemists, skincare formulation development chemists or any other professional within the product fragrance-enhancement industry of both today and tomorrow with complete confidence in our natural fragrances and the highest quality of available essential oils.

In the words of Arnold Zlotnik (pictured below), President and CEO of Alpha Aromatics, “We proudly stand behind all of our products, which far succeed industry standards and represent both individually and collectively our success as well as that of the clients we service.”

Taking great pride in the integration of more natural elements into many of our creations, and concentrating on reducing waste and promoting biodegradability and the improvement of energy efficiency, we are as much a vital leader today as we will be for tomorrow and the years that follow.

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Final thought on fragrance: Fragrance is the sharpest trigger of the memory, a transport into forgotten worlds. ~ Anne Rice

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