What Does Cyclamen Smell Like? A Key Top And Middle Note

The unique and enchanting essence of Cyclamen is a frequent presence in the initial bursts or central accords of the vibrant, flowery, and zesty scents that we meticulously curate for a variety of items and collections. We delve into its rich historical significance and captivating aromatic allure, all the while introducing six of our latest concoctions.

The name, cyclamen, derives from the Greek word, kuklos, meaning circle, which refers to shape of the tuber (short, underground stem) within which it grows.

The Cyclamen persicum house plant species is not Greek, however, and is believed to have originated in Persia (modern day Iran).

Cultivated for their flamboyant blooms that resemble the upturned skirts of ballerinas, cyclamens are a perennial plant native to the Middle East, central and southern Europe and one species is found in Somalia.

A member of the Primrose family, cyclamens bloom in different seasons, depending on the species, of which there are 23.

The five petals are usually white, purple or pink. The plants are extremely versatile, and can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. They are robust, and a favorite in garden beds because they can tolerate cold climates.

They also require little care and are pest-resistant. While they can survive in most environments, they positively flourish in rich soils with a high humus content that drains freely.

In centuries past, they were often planted near monasteries and church yards in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea because they symbolized a devoted heart. Cyclamen is also considered the holy flower of love in Japan.

The Uses Of Cyclamen In Perfumery

Cyclamen’s distinctive, sweet, floral and green character is often found in the head or heart notes of the fresh, floral and spicy fragrances so lovingly developed by our master perfumers at Alpha Aromatics.

It is sometimes described as clean, fragile, rose or lily-tinged with the slightest nuance of pepper.

Cyclamen is often added as a light, bright and sugary element that both intensifies and stabilizes the final fragrance.

It is a mainstay ingredient in perfume as it complements many other sometimes difficult to blend fragrance notes. 

The Importance Of Synthetic Cyclamen

Excessive harvesting and the fact that these delicate blooms were so widely popular in past decades have relegated cyclamens to an endangered status in the wild.

This has rendered the natural, highly fragrant compound found in the cyclamen plant very rare and expensive, and it is the reason why the perfumers of the world have turned to synthetic variants for the refinement of many of their many formulations.

Synthesizing the precious substance allows for greater balance and control over the final fragrance.

There are many types that master perfumers use, some of which include: cyclamen aldehyde; which creates a fresh, floral scent; methyl cyclamen aldehyde for a more intense, spicy aroma; cyclamen alcohol, which is soft, floral and grounding, and methyl cyclamen alcohol for warmer, spicy nuances.

A Few Additional Facts

  • In the early years of the 16th century, the cyclamen and the columbine were the  two flowers that Leonardo Da Vinci used to cover the margins of his manuscripts.
  • Cyclamen is sometimes known as ‘sow bread’ because it is used as pig food and is known to enhances the flavor of pork.
  • Cyclamens are toxic if ingested by dogs or cats.
  • In the language of flowers, cyclamens symbolize departure, and are the perfect going away gift.
  • In the late 16th century, cyclamen was use to induce childbirth.
  • Plato described the plant as far back as the 4th century BC.
  • The flattened tuber upon which cyclamens grow are known to last for decades and there are even examples where after a century, the cyclamen plants still bloomed.

Alpha Aromatics And Some Favored Cyclamen Fragrances

We are a leading manufacturer and purveyor of fine fragrances, and our founders have been integral to the suburban Pittsburgh landscape since the late 1940s.

In addition to superior customized fragrances, we also specialize in the development of scents for use in personal care products, candles, diffusers, fragrances for the home, odor neutralizers, private label brands, industrial air fresheners and household cleaning products.

Below are a handful of some of their most popular cyclamen-infused fragrances.

Cyclamen And Moss

This refreshing green fragrance opens with top notes of sugary, floral and woody berries and clean, sharp citrus rind.

These facets soon fold into a floral heart bouquet of dreamy, musky red rose, delicate, feminine and green lily-of-the-valley, light, floral cyclamen and bitter, herbaceous neroli.

A dry down of bright, mild and sugary cut grass, smooth, sharp leather, damp moss and earthy, nutty sage completes this intriguing fragrance. 

Black Coconut Verbena

Bursts of sharp, clean lemon-lime, fresh melon and fragrant, biting citron flow through the top notes of this glorious scent.

A heart note soon follows featuring light, floral cyclamen, fresh, sweet and delicate lily-of-the-valley, rich, sensual ginger and tropical, milky coconut.

An aromatic dry down marked by honeyed amber, and sensual, aromatic white musk completes this enticing fragrance.

Fresh Breeze

Hot, sultry nights and gentle breezes float by the mind’s all-seeing eye in this evocative summer fragrance. Head notes stream with facets of subtle, sharp citrusy apple nuances.

These fleeting aspects soon meld into a floral heart note of rich, intoxicating jasmine, dreamy, musky red rose, green, sweet cyclamen, lingering, clean muguet and tart geranium.

A dry down of woody musk completes this complex fragrance.

Pear Blossom

The head notes of this fruity Alpha Aromatics fragrance conjure images of lush, tropical gardens with dazzling blooms that stream with lemony, citrusy litsea cubeba, sweet, exotic pineapple, creamy, sugary black coconut, green, fruity plantain and succulent pear.

These elements soon surrender to a floral heart of intense, haunting jasmine, dreamy, musky rose, light, clean cyclamen, fresh, soft and summery linden blossom and light, floral and slightly bitter neroli. A smooth, green and musty musky dry down finishes this exotic fragrance. 

Spa Renewal

This revitalizing and energizing fragrance opens with head notes bursting with facets of salty sea air, crisp, clean almond kernel and delectable exotic fruit.

A floral/ gingery heart soon takes hold featuring aspects of velvety, musky red rose, leafy and green water lily, light, musty cyclamen, earthy, slightly sugary sea kelp and intense, crisp and green lemongrass.

A dry down of woody, spicy and robust blue sage completes this bold scent.

Tahitian Sunrise

The head notes of this glorious, intensely tropical South Seas fragrance stream with alluring facets of sweet pineapple, subtle, sugary casaba melon, lush, juicy orange, velvety peach, pearly, sweet coconut and tart wild cherry. 

A floral heart soon follows marked by aspects of light, green cyclamen and rich, intoxicating night-blooming jasmine. The scent completes with a fresh pungent dry down.

In Conclusion

If you are an owner or manager of any type of business that relies on foot traffic to both survive and thrive, consider adding a one-of-a-kind signature scent to your setting or product base as an incentive to increase traffic, brand loyalty and that all-important bottom line.

Contact our teams today and discover how our uniquely designed fragrances can transform your products or product lines!

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